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AMADA lives its philosophy
The concept of the AMADA Solution and Technical Center is not coincidental. Rather – it follows a
philosophy, which rests consistently on two strong columns: to live hospitably with the customer
and to protect the surrounding nature. Components of AMADA’s managements philosophy is the
respect for the environment and the attention of ecological principles - which goes far beyond the
protection of nature and its ecology as the balance between the enterprise and its natural surroundings.

AMADA sets its focus on generating alternative energies at its new location in Haan. Geothermal
generating energy is used, with the principle, which is not only renewable, but has further crucial
advantages; neither the surrounding vegetation is damaged in any way nor is the landscape or
agriculture affected. The Geothermic field of AMADA consists of 53 deep producing wells and is
one of the largest in North Rhine-Westphalia. For AMADA this way of generating energy forms
the ideal possibility for fulfilling its ecological requirement with the environment: invisibly emission–
free and economical.